11. The battle of Busanpo (September 1, 1592)
  Joseon fleet Japanese fleet
Commander Admiral Yi sun-sin, Yi eok-gi, Won gyun Most Japanese generals
Strength 74 panokships and 92 small vessels 470 ships
Casualties and losses Admiral Yi’s subordinate officer Jeong Un dead, 6 dead, 25 wounded 130 ships destroyed

After the battle of Jeolyoungdo, Admiral Yi sent spy ship to Busanpo port. Spy ships found about 470 warships at that port and came back to Joseon fleet. Joseon fleet headed to Busan port and destroyed Japanese squadron, 4 warships and they made the formation, Jangsajin and rushed into Japanese fleet. Japanese army joined their fleet and attacked Joseon fleet from the near hills. Joseon fleet decisively defeated Japanese fleet and returned to base, because they had to fix warships and ran out of foods. On September 2, Admiral Yi’s fleet arrived at their naval base.